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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lost in the Bush events Day7 (Thursday 18 Aug 1864)

A series of posts chronicling the daily experiences of the 'Lost in the Bush' children

On Thursday 18th the men again searched in vain for tracks of the children.  In desperation, one of the men rode north to near Mt Elgin station approximately 30 miles away on the other side of the Little Desert to recruit black trackers. 
Different versions of the story have either Duff himself riding to Mt Elgin, or Peter McCartney of Nurcoung as the man who knew of the trackers and offered to bring them back. Either way, it was our 'Paul Revere' ride - 60 miles on horseback through desert, some of it in the dark.
With the large crowd out at the Memorial site yesterday (17th August 2014) for the Community Afternoon Tea, it is fitting to include here a description of the original unveiling of the monument - 
A worthy recognition of one of Australia's heroines, Jane Duff, was made on Friday at Nurcoung before a large gathering. The brave act of the young girl is now a matter of Australian history, but the younger generation has since thrilled to the deed of a little girl in the long ago.
Fine weather attracted 800 people, principally from Natimuk, Goroke, Gymbowen, Nurcoung and Mitre. From 1:30 to 3 p.m. a programme of children's sports was keenly contested. A working bee of Natimuk citizens had prepared the ground on Thursday and the result was an excellent running track. The road was beflagged at, approaches from Natimuk and Goroke and flags were put on the trees on the reserve to form a circle for the ceremony. Everybody was delighted with the function, which proved a great success and a fitting climax to a brave deed.
From the front page of 'The Horsham Times, Tuesday 30th April 1935.

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