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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lost in the Bush events Day4 (Monday 15 Aug 1864)

A series of posts chronicling the daily experiences of the 'Lost in the Bush' children

This post comes from the August 1864 recount by Rev. Patrick Simpson - 
'On Monday, at dawn of day, the searchers returned to their willing labour, all of them desponding, many of them quite hopeless ; for, as is common in this unsteady clime, on Sunday night there was keen frost, so it was argued, and with reason, that little ones so unsheltered and unprovided would not thus long survive. On this day however, two men, far apart from others, actually came upon the children’s track. Afraid to lose sight of it, they would not for a moment leave the track ; they spent the night on it.' 

The tracks that the two men came across was about 10 miles from the home station. Dugald Smith, the squatter, returned to Spring Hill on Monday evening.

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