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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lost in the Bush events Day2 (Saturday 13 Aug 1864)

A series of posts chronicling the daily experiences of the 'Lost in the Bush' children

The children spent Friday night huddled together under a tree. When they lay down, the children took off their socks, and during the night they were stolen, probably by wild cats (the native quoll). For the following days, the children walked in just their leather boots.
On Saturday the children's father was joined by other station hands at Spring Hill, and the neighbouring stations (William Affleck's 'Pleasant Banks' to the west, workers from Alexander Wilson's properties & Mr Sinclair) looking for any trace of the children. Unfortunately no Aborigines could be got to assist in the search, but some experienced bush hands were among the party. 
Setting the scene: Below is a map of the district with the station boundaries superimposed on top. The yellow shaded stations are those owned/leased by Alexander Wilson. Spring Hill and Heath Hill were owned by Duncan Cameron, with Dugald Smith in occupation of Spring Hill. Mt Elgin station were the trackers were is the blue section at the top of the map. The Little Desert lies in between.
The children left from near where the road and rail-line cross in Spring Hill (under the word Nurcoung), and crossed into Heath Hill.

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