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Friday, 15 August 2014

Lost in the Bush events Day5 (Tuesday 16 Aug 1864)

A series of posts chronicling the daily experiences of the 'Lost in the Bush' children

On Tuesday 16th one of the men took the news, and the recently returned squatter Dugald Smith recently returned from a journey, now took command of the search and as a consequence, a more organised party followed the tracks. 

It was with difficulty that the men pursued the tracks through the heath for about 30 miles, the searchers found evidence of Frank being carried by the other two children in turn. They came across one pair of socks (the children later saying they took them off the first night but they disappeared during the night) they also found their night's shelter under a small bush.

The correspondent from 'The Hamilton Spectator' stated that it was Tuesday evening when the party thought the tracks were no more than 5 hours old and the children a short distance ahead. 
The men were disappointed when they were obliged to halt the search at nightfall. Their sorrows increased as clouds drew in. They camped on the tracks, and during the night there was a succession of heavy showers, and for the tracks which were discernible were now obliterated, every vestige washed away.
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