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Monday, 18 June 2018

Teaching at Jung

The library was gifted a number of photographs today, for our 'Wimmera in Photographs' collection.
Yes we are still accepting donations.
A couple were interesting for different reasons:
Firstly one of Jung State School in the early 1900s. It is of great clarity showing the students in the garden they manage, with the school building and attached residence in the background.
And what makes this special is teaming it with the one below from Museums Victoria's "The Biggest Family Album in Australia" collection, to see the changes in the buildings, the children's attire, and the growth of the garden.

Much of the garden's credit would be due to one of the men in the photo below (another of today's donations). The man with the cross, marked above his head - teacher at Jung from 1900 to 1920 - Mr George Page.
Mr Page was in charge of the school when it reached its peak of 80 pupils around 1910. 
A theory has been advanced as to why the men are gathered for the photograph, and we're wondering whether it is due to the ribbons on their lapels, and maybe they are White and Blue Ribboners in the Temperance League (as discussed in a previous post 'The church, the hotel, the society') as there was a branch of the Temperance Movement in Jung.
There are stories behind many of our photographs. If you wish to have some of your photos added to 'Wimmera in Photographs' just contact your local library branch.

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