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Thursday, 23 February 2017

ABC Dooen

This video is from the ABC Western Victoria's Facebook page:
"In honour of our 80th Birthday today we thought we'd share this video that was created for the #Dooen transmitter's 75th birthday"
To add a little more history to the story 
The original transmitting station building for 3WV at Dooen, was erected in 1936. It began broadcasting in February 1937. During World War II a 24-hour V.D.C. guard were posted at the site. 
The original building was demolished and replaced by the current building in 1988-89.
Some little known facts:
  • the soil conductivity in different directions from the transmitter showed widely different values (this influenced the selection of the station site)
  • the 201metre high radiator (a guyed structure surmounted by a horizontal armature, the base of the mast stood on a group of tubular insulators) was installed in 1937. Dooen was the first station in Victoria to operate with an armature radiator
  • the transmitter upgraded in February 1937, the Standard Telephones & Cables 10 kW transmitter consisted of 2 separate units (the oscillator-modulator, and the linear power amplifier) constructed of a metal framework faced with polished slate panels. 
  • In the 50s a 50 kW transmitter was installed unusually the station generated its own power on site for the 10kW transmitter. In the 30s it had a large low speed heavy engine set plant.
The Art Deco style building with portecochere (an entrance or gateway to a building large enough to permit a coach/vehicle to be driven through) was built on a 20 hectare site, it housed the transmitters, an office, lunch and change rooms, store room and workshop. Modern technology has enabled transmitters to be housed in small metal frame buildings with unattended facilities.
All this techo data comes from John Ross' "Radio broadcasting technology" book.
Caretaker George Koschmann & technician Ray Leskie outside the building in 1988
(Photo from "Road Board to restructure")

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