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Thursday, 8 September 2016

School sports

With the Olympic Games over for another 4 years, maybe it's time to check out some local sport -
'Weekly Times' article and photos of the Sports Day held at Balmoral, in 1936.

THE representatives of ten schools in the Balmoral and Harrow districts met at Balmoral on April 17 to compete for the Glenelg Schools' Sports Association Shield, when Balmoral experienced its first win in seven years, their students bringing success by winning the relay flag race in the growing dusk.
The Harrow competitors

Students from Balmoral, Harrow, Kongbool Kanagulk. Pigeon Ponds, Telangatuk East, Vasey, Gringegalgona, Yulong and Urangara schools participated in the meeting, which attracted visitors from all parts of the district. The right to hold the shield for the next 12 months could not be determined until the final event on a full afternoon's programme was completed.
The Telangatuk East Team

Yulong, with an enrolment of 15 scholars, staged a fine performance in pushing the winning school so closely, the ultimate points scored by the schools being as under: —Balmoral (scr.), 68 points- Yulong (34), 61; Vasey (34), 47; Kongbool (33), 47; Telangatuk East (10) 45; Gringegalgona (42), 42; Harrow (8) 39; Urangara (32) 36; Kanagulk (23) 36; Pigeon Ponds (18) 30. It appears there was some form of handicapping, which leveled the playing-field amongst the the bigger (Harrow & Balmoral) and smaller (Urangara & Yulong) schools.
 Chidren from the smaller schools, Urangara, Gringegalonga, Kanagulk, Vasey, Kongbool, Pigeon Ponds and Yulong.

Apart from the wonderful running and skipping of the girls, among whom the Yulong girls were outstanding, the Dempsey brothers (Balmoral) showed unexpected pace, Dave Dempsey winning the Under 9, 10, and 11 events in run-away fashion, and Jack Dempsey gaining sprint honors in the Under 12 events, and Evan Rees (Telangatuk East) took the Under 13 high jump at 4ft 3in., and gained several points for his school on the flat.

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