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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The big palette

Compliments to the Yarriambiack Shire who are chasing dollars for 'the world's biggest art gallery'.
On the back of the phenomenal success of the Brim Silo Art project  (see the previous 'High art' post) the Shire is proposing a 'Silo Art Trail' - a 200km trail of landscape size silo art from Rupanyup in the south to Patchewollock in the north.
Sheep Hills silos (which would have looked the part in 'The dressmaker' film)
Yarriambiack Mayor Cr Ray Kingston wants to commission renowned artists to paint giant murals on silos along the length of the municipality at Rup, Sheep Hills, Rosebery, Lascelles and Patche.
Guido, Adnate & Rone 'Wall to Wall' in Benalla
Discussions are taking place with the local communities, Graincorp, Juddy Roller (who helped bring Guido Van Helten to Brim), and government. They are targeting high profile street artists for the project, so it would be great to see, say an Adnate piece decorating a silo wall.
Silos at Rosebery, across the road from the Desert Gallery & Cafe
WDA's new director Ralph Kenyon said that the project would tie the long narrow municipality together (Yarriambiack is over 7,000 square kms, but over 160kms long and under 70kms at its widest).
Lascelles provides a variety of canvases
 As Dean Lawson stated it is a master stroke for increasing growth & development via tourism in Yarriambiack, as visitors will want to tick off each location as they bag each 'peak', in the biggest regional art project in Australia's history.
Adnate in the Geelong B Power Station
Would have liked to have seen the Nullan silos get a guernsey, they have a wonderful symmetry as they rise from the plain, particularly good at dawn.
Nullan siding silos, near Minyip



  1. Latest news from the ABC - Adnate has been short-listed for the Silo Art Trail!

  2. It would be good if murtoa silo was painted too because from Horsham you need to go through Murtoa across to rup especially if you plan to see all of the Silo Art Trail

  3. Murtoa could be a chance if the Vic Government's proposal for another 12 silos goes ahead