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Monday, 16 February 2015

Wimmera on high

 Photographic art books of the region are a rarity in the collection, so this book is a welcome addition - 'Hindmarsh : from my window' by Andrew Kube.
Nhill on Wimmera League Grand Final day, 2013 (Dimb vs Saints)
 Andrew grew up on his father Don's farm near Jeparit, and returned to the district in 2013, starting up A.Kube Aviation.  A by-product of his interest in flying has been the photos he's taken from the air. They are the subject of 'Hindmarsh : from my window'
Paddock art in the different seasons
Andrew states he has "gained a new appreciation of the beauty around the Hindmarsh area. I like how the pictures are of ordinary things taken from a different perspective."
The Wimmera River winding around Jeparit
Follow the changes rout by the different seasons from on high - the crops, the storms, the water.
Pink Lake, near Lochiel

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