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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Overland now

The synchronicity - At the same time that I was researching William David Hamilton's narrative of his overland journey, unbeknown to me was a group of locals was about to re-enact the trip.
The following is from an article in this week's 'West Wimmera Advocate' newspaper.
A re-enactment of the trek will be undertaken by a number of William Kealy's descendants. William Kealy a shepherd, was a station hand on Bringalbert who accompanied the Hamiltons on their overland journey from Bringalbert to Darwin in 1872. William also recorded an account of his travels, and this account was part of the research the group has undertaken to support their endeavours.
The group includes Kealy relatives Sue Close (nee Kealy), Richie Foster, and Jeremy Moore, as well as 6 horses and 3 horse floats.
The group planned to depart on 25th June, and aim to travel 100-150kms per day with the horses, and to drive back from Darwin.

from 'The West Wimmera Advocate'

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