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Saturday, 1 February 2014

History in flames

The bushfire known as the Grampians, Northern Complex which raced through the northern sections of the national park and surrounding communities has left a trail of heartache as families have lost their homes, a life has been lost, hundreds of animals - stock and native fauna died or had to be shot, and acres of farm and bushland has been left a scorched husk.

Amid the devastation are a number of historic items now lost forever, notably the historic Rosebrook homestead, the building had been home to seven generations of the Carter family since 1858.
GONE: Rosebrook homestead in flames last week.
Rosebrook ablaze, from the Wimmera Mail Times
At the Grampians Horse Riding Adventures and Grampians Motor Museum, situated on Schmidt's Road, a number of the historic vehicles caught fire.

Fire glazed ute cabin, from Lynton Brown
Near Brimpaen this old 1800s farmhouse was burnt to the ground, luckily Lynton Brown had captured it in July last year, here is his 'then & now' image.

Brimpaen farmhouse, from Lynton Brown
We are yet to see the level of damage to the Zumsteins cottages, but they along with some of Walter's trees have been damaged.
Signs at Old Dadswells Town
There were close calls and as the media is reporting, parts of the area are now open for business and in need of support.
The edge of the fire at the entrance to Orchid Lane Cottages

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