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Friday, 8 November 2013

They wrote what?

The Public Record Office of Victoria is conducting a number of free tours and information sessions (see their events calendar).
A list of signatures
Of particular interest is the "Reading 19th century handwriting" session. It can be particularly difficult to decipher the elaborate handwriting of times past, especially if you are only viewing a copy and not the original document.
 Are you baffled by the handwriting on 19th century documents? Is that a J or an F? An S or a D?
Stop tearing your hair out in frustration - PROV are here to help.
Come along to their information session on Thursday 21st November and they will show you how to interpret the handwriting of our forebears.
The "Reading 19th century handwriting" session commences at 1:00pm and finishes at 2:30pm. the session is free, but bookings are essential (follow the links from the events calendar to register). 
A selection of different handwriting styles

And why not make a day of it and attend the "Tour of the archives" in the morning (11:00am to 12 noon). A guided tour that ventures beyond the Get Smart security doors, through the air locks and into the purpose-built Repository - a collection of 180 years of our history in 90 kilometres of records (bookings are necessary for this free walking tour).
There are a number of other information sessions run by PROV, so check out the calendar.
The Victorian Public Records Office is located at 99 Shield Street in North Melbourne (off-street parking is via Macaulay Rd).

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