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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

10 years on

It is hard to believe that it's 10 years since the fire that gutted the 'Dimboola Hotel', but that is just what the 'Dimboola Courier' reminded us of this week. See their full article.
The fire races along the Lochiel Street flank of the hotel (Courier)
The cause of the fire is still unknown, but is believed to have originated in the office area on the ground floor of the hotel, on the Lloyd Street side of the building. 
The fire caused an estimated $2 million worth of damage, destroying both floors of the hotel and the adjoining Dimboola Cafe which was under the common roof. No lives were lost and physical injuries were minor, but the impact of the blaze was felt across the whole district.

The facade, post fire
The rubble strewn staircase

The future of the building has been in doubt for the ten years. Just this year the Courts ordered  the property owner to carry out Protection Works to make the Dimboola Hotel safe - to demolish most of the building except the facade.
We still wait to see what will happen on the site.

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