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Monday, 2 September 2013

Posting history

Browsing through some of the library's online magazines ( the Wimmera Regional Library now has access to a range of magazines via our website - checkout the eNewspapers & Magazines page and click on the Zinio link to join - its the best way to get access to brand new issues from the comfort of your pc or device and use the app to see magazines in a whole new light).

 Back to the magazines, in Sept-Oct issue of 'Australian Country' is an article on collecting postcards. 
Ron Pollard has a huge collection of postcards all organised into sets & themes and filed in boxes. 
There are the beautifully delicate <<=French silk cards - handmade by French women and sent between soldiers and their families during World War I, as well as 19th century cards, special commemorative ones, and works by recognised artists.
The postcards most people immediately think of are the travel scenes sent by family and friends on holiday. However these are ultimately historic items too, as scenes alter, streetscapes change, fashions restyle, and occasions shift.

So, save these little glimpses of the past even if you can't an avid collector, postcards are an authentic local history source.

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